The Key Difference Between Coaches and Mentors

It’s always amusing when I hear someone say “I need a coach”, and then a few minutes later they say “I need a mentor.” So which is it? Coaches and mentors have the same goal: both want to see the client make progress toward their vision. Don’t miss this. To be effective with a coach or […]

Do You Make This Common Mistake in Coaching?

target on purpose

Do You Make This Common Mistake in Coaching? We’re working through a series of blog posts that define what coaching is. So far, we’ve unpacked that coaching is a relationship and that the coaching client has to show up for every session ready to work with their coach. In this post, we’ll explore the single […]

4 Behaviors of Disciple–#2 A Disciple Talks

4 distinct behaviors run through nearly every approach to spiritual growth. Today is behavior #2–a disciple talks about their faith.