What’s the Question YOU Want to Answer?

Have you seen the latest Google television ad? It builds on the power of questions, starting from the standpoint that question is the most powerful force on earth.  Check the ad out here.  (You’re welcome, Google, for all the free pub this blog post is going to generate!) This certainly lines up with Google’s philosophy. […]

9 Things Coaches Can Learn from the New Star Wars Trailer

If you were on social media this past week, you probably saw a slew of posts about the new Star Wars trailer. (ICYMI…There is a new Star Wars movie coming out at Christmas this year.) And now Luke, Leia, and Han Solo are coming back to a theater near me! I can’t wait. That last […]

Coaching Questions You Could Learn from Your Doctor

You’ve been there, in the emergency room, when the doctor says “Where does it hurt?” Have you ever asked that–or been asked that–in a coaching session? Maybe not directly, or in those words, but I bet your coaching conversations go down this road pretty regularly. Or if they don’t, maybe they should. Pain always tells […]

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