Barrier Breakers Episode #11–Understanding the 200 Barrier

In this episode of the Barrier Breakers Podcast, Gary Rohrmayer and Jonathan Reitz look at what’s going on in your church as you work through the 200 growth barrier. In this episode, you’ll learn about how: The church’s relationship with the pastor changes at this growth barrier. You can empower people to expand leadership influence […]

O Say Can You See…

True confession: I don’t know the words to the Star-Spangled Banner. Now before you invite me to move to another part of the world, it’s not like I’ve never sung the National Anthem. I just can’t do it from memory. Since I was a basketball player all the way through college, the only time I […]

What’s your coaching niche?

The most effective coaches have both a coaching specialty (or focus) and a coaching niche. These are two distinct-but-related things. The most effective coaches know how they’re going to serve (specialty) and who you’re going to serve (niche). Here’s what I mean: Training and specialization are about the coach being ready to serve the client. […]

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