20 Years of Coaching Changing Everything

20 years ago today, I discovered coaching. Well, more accurately, coaching discovered me. I was two weeks on a new job, in a new city. Somehow, I got invited to an offsite meeting for only a portion of the staff. Our team went off to a downtown hotel. This guy began working with us to […]

Making Sense of Credentials for Coaches

The various terms connected to coach training cause a lot of confusion. Are you a certified coach? Do you have a certificate in coaching? And what’s the big deal about earning a coaching credential? Which one is right for you? It depends on what you want to do with your coaching and what your training […]

Why Coaching is a Necessary Leadership Skill

Plenty of leadership development content is released on the Internet every day.  It’s easy to find.  Try putting “become a better leader” into Google sometime.  (Almost 75 million hits.)  What’s much less common is any kind of consensus about what makes an effective leader.  A quick, non-scientific survey points to two common themes in blog […]

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