Early this morning, Mike Slaughter @RevMSlaughter pastor of Ginghamsburg Church neard Dayton, Ohio tweeted this:

“God can’t steer parked car; r u willing to take ur live out of park & shift them into drive?

Get moving...toward something!   Look forward not back.

Get moving…toward something! Look forward not back.

It’s a great thought, especially for coaches who are working with a client who seems to be stuck. Change—even God-inspired change—is most likely to happen when someone who is already in motion allows themselves to be re-directed. Think about how much easier it is to turn a corner with a small amount of turning the wheel of your car when you’re going 35 than it is when you’re going 15 miles per hour. Or in the Scriptures, think about Paul wanted to head north on his second missionary journey only to be re-directed twice before the Macedonian man called to him in a dream.

Motion leads to change, or at least sets the stage for change. This can be a great strategy for coaching. How can you as a coach get your client started doing something so that they can be re-directed toward what they really want? Once you get your client moving, you and ask focusing questions like:
* “How is this taking your toward your goal(s)?”
* “Do you see yourself making progress in the big picture?”, or
* “Is this taking your where you want to go? How do you know?”

If the answer is affirmative to these questions, you’re set. If not, you can always follow up with “What would help yo make progress toward your goal/calling?”

Got a strategy for how you get your clients moving? I’d love to hear it in the comments! Please add your voice to the conversation.